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Eating Out Vegan: In-N-Out Burger

The Venue

Only offered in a select few states in the United States, In-N-Out Burger has something of a cult following. There are a few things that sets this place apart. Trans-fat free cooking oil, whole potatoes sliced in-store for fries (never frozen or shipped pre-cut), fresh ingredients, and old-style sponge bread buns. They probably have some info on the beef and cheese, but who cares? We’re vegans :)

In-N-Out has a very simple menu, offering drinks (soda pop, tea, milkshakes, coffee), one size of fries and three burgers: the hamburger, cheeseburger and Double Double (a double cheeseburger). In-N-Out also has a secret menu, known to a few people. The secret menu includes things like grilled cheese or ordering your food “animal style,” but what we vegans care about is their Veggie Burger.

Vegan Eats

In-N-Out does not offer a veggie patty, but instead offers a Veggie Burger…the balls on this place are pretty huge to offer a burger with only vegetables in it. The Veggie Burger can be ordered vegan by specifying no cheese or spread (ask for ketchup/mustard instead if you’d like). I like to add extra tomatoes to mine and, as with any In-N-Out burger, you’ll be asked if you want some onion. For those that haven’t tried it, these aren’t little diced onions or any ring of onion, but a whole damn slice out of an onion. Even if you’re not a fan of raw onion, try it since the onions they have aren’t full of that awful onion bite. Some In-N-Out Burger establishments will call this the Wish Burger, but not all In-N-Outs know what it is nor is it on the official secret menu found on their website

The Review

As I said above, you gotta have some balls to charge for a veggie burger that contains nothing but burger fixin’s, but In-N-Out Burger knows that their ingredients speak for themselves. The fresh buns and clearly fresh produce sing of In-N-Out’s mantra and dedication to delicious food done right. This is not just a passable burger, this is not just a “well, okay, but I hate that this is their so-called vegan option” burger, this is a crave-worthy burger! I actually wanted to order more! In fact, while staying in an area with an In-N-Out, we went as often as we could and I was thrilled to have their delicious, fresh burger in my face! Coupled with their never-frozen, fresh-cut-from-a-potato-in-store fries, this was a seriously delicious fast-food meal. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to eat a lighter burger or for fellow vegans in a state with an In-N-Out Burger nearby. This incredibly simple burger is tops on my list. 

Price: 5/5…cheapest restaurant veggie burger I’ve ever had…add fries and the total is about 5 USD. 

Food Quality: 5/5…the freshness shines through, this company does a great job.

Taste: 5/5…I actually crave this burger, so that should say something!

Ease of Acquisition: 1/5…In-N-Out Burger is not available across the United States, let alone world-wide. Because it is only offered in a handful of states, I consider it difficult to get a hold of. If you happen to live in the states that have an In-N-Out Burger restaurant, then the ease of acquisition is a 5/5. Just grab one and enjoy! 

Note: This review is for people looking to eat food sans animal products and does not guarantee that the company or its parent company/companies employ environmentally-friendly or animal-friendly practices.

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